Sofle v2


The SofleKeyboard is a 6×4+5 keys column-staggered split keyboard with encoder support. Based on the Lily58, Corne, and Helix keyboards.

First time trying out ortholinear and split mechanical keyboards with this build.

I generally prefer tactile switches, so I went with AEBoard Naevy v1’s lubed with Krytox 205g0 for this build. Tried out Katha Baybayin (KAT), and Blank Ergo (DSA) keycaps; both looked good but settled with the latter.

I think I spent more time messing around with my custom keymap than building the keyboard. Coming from mostly TKL layouts, it was going to take a bit of experimenting to find the sweet spot when dealing with fewer keys.

I settled on a layout not too far off from the default one, some notable additions were:

  • Mode for soft escape (Esc when tapped, Ctrl when held)
  • Vim-style navigation (h j k l as arrow keys)
  • Mode for standard navigation cluster
  • Toggling between layers when encoders are pressed
  • Encoder controls (additional layer/s when Ctrl or Shift is held)

SofleKeyboard custom keymap

Aside from configuring the encoder actions (clockwise/counter-clockwise), it is also possible to add extra “layers” by combining them with modifiers.

N/ALeftMouse wheel L/R
CtrlRightBrightness Up/Dn
ShiftLeftMouse cursor L/R
ShiftRightMouse cursor Up/Dn

One other area for tinkering is the OLED displays where you can show text, and even images e.g. displaying your own logo.

Check out the full custom keymap here.