Sized just right at a 75%—a compact configuration to feature the top function row — the ID80 mechanical keyboard kit from IDOBAO makes a great fit on any desk. This board is both durable and easy to build. Its PCB also features Kailh hot-swap sockets, which allow users to quickly change switches without a soldering.

Featuring a seamless case design made from anodized aluminum, it also incorporates an integrated plate which holds switches in place. QMK programmable for custom key commands, and outfitted with a USB-C port for fast connectivity, this board is ready for work or play.

The 75% is a very popular keyboard layout, in part to its aesthetic and also functional – just a tad bit wider than a 65% but with a full function row. The function row is especially enticing to me as most IDE shortcuts require function keys, and I don’t really use the arrow keys or the navigation cluster all that much.

I went for a clean, simple aesthetic for this build; an all black build with the aluminimum case and ePBT Black on White keycaps.

Used the highly rated Boba U4T switches, and Durock v2 stabilizers for this build, both lubed with Krytox 205g0.

Custom keymap not too far off from the default / standard 75% layout, just had a couple of small quality of life modifications:

  • Soft escape (Esc when help, Ctrl when tapped)
  • Media controls on layer 1