I brought my Preonic and StackOverflow The Key macropad to the meetup, as well a Badger2040 I configured as a digital lanyard.

Preonic with MT3 Susuwatari keycaps, StackOverflow The Key macropad, and a Badger2040 configured as a digital lanyard.

Here’s a couple of other interesting keyboards that I managed to take pictures of.

Handwired Dactyl Manuform
Custom southpaw Alice with GMK Cobalt keycaps and WS Heavy tactile switches
Glove 80 with Choc brown switches
GHS.JEM with GMK striker keycaps and Creamsicles switches
From L to R (top to bottom): JTD Works Ovinnik, S60 Proto, Finderworks Tengu, F1 Pink Cerakote
Sega Dreamcast running "Typing of the Dead" game with a 60% and 65% keyboard as controllers

A lot of boards on display were also using the Ice Kachang switches, which are really nice tactile switches. What’s cool is that they’re from a local keyboard enthusiast from Perth, go and check out Keebz and Cables.

Until the next meetup.