• grpc-web-rx – TypeScript library that integrates gRPC-Web with RxJS
  • vite-grpc-web-reactive – Template for building React apps with gRPC-web and ReactiveX libraries

Command-line utilities

  • git-branch-win-title – Bash script that appends the current git branch name to the terminal emulator window title
  • powerline-k8s – Powerline plugin that shows the current k8s context and namespace
  • powerline-podman – Powerline plugin that shows the current state of Podman containers
  • powerline-keebs – Powerline plugin that displays the currently connected keyboard(s)
  • kbdetector – Python script that detects and prints out connected keyboards
  • – Python script that demos how to draw shapes on a Badger2040 (and how to use it as a digital badge)
  • – Bash script that runs commands on JetBrains IDEs

GIS (Geographic Information Systems)

  • bukid – Interactive map for Philippine mountains
  • bulkan – Interactive map for Philippine volcanoes
  • phl-mountains{Geo,Topo}JSON dataset for Philippine mountains
  • phl-volcanoes{Geo,Topo}JSON dataset for Philippine volcanoes
  • interactive-map – Template for visualizing {Geo,Topo}JSON datasets


Game State Integration and API libraries

  • steam-webapi-kt – Steam WebAPI wrapper library written in Kotlin and Ktor
  • steam-webapi-ts – Isomorphic Steam WebAPI wrapper written in TypeScript
  • steam-current-game – Image generator that integrates with the Steam WebAPI to show the current game being played
  • fog-of-war – DotA 2 game state integration library written in TypeScript

Stream Deck plugins

  • obsideck️ – Stream Deck plugin that runs commands in Obsidian